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  1. Box Dimensions: 40mm x 450mm x 450mm

  2. Board Dimensions: 18mm x 428mm x 428mm

  3. Anchor or Spot Dice x 2

  4. Playing Pieces 4 x Green, 4 x Blue, 4 x Red, 4 x Yellow. Total: 16 x Wood Discs 7mm x 25mm

  5. Brief History & Rules guidelines, A5 Leaflet 4 sided.

  6. Business Card

  7. Printed cloth drawstring bag for playing pieces/dice

  8. Board protected with foam envolope



Uckers Board-Foam Envelope.png

For Posting.


Posting to UK


Games will be packaged in cardboard box.


Posting Overseas


As above plus extra protection, or in an alternative stronger packaging.

R Class Boats Uckers Board_Front.png
R Class Boats Uckers Board_Rear.png
Uckers Board_packaged.png
Uckers Board packaging.png
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